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I am the founder of ProductStartups and currently creating a network of resource websites and job boards. Write to me to feature your software.
Hello Piya, looks great. Kindly message me founders linkedin or your LinkedIn. Once I get well, shall feature the product on my personal Linkedin Id. Thank You.Β 
Hello Malith, Welcome to Product Startups Community.Β looks cool. Will have a look at it.

Once again, I request you to regularly visit the community and share your thoughts.
Welcome to the Product Startups Community Razvan. Happy to have you here.

I will try to see if I could do a video interview with you to feature the product on Linkedin. If you are busy, will feature it as a text content in couple of days. Good luck to you.Β 

Venkat πŸ˜‰
Hello Jacky, I had a look at the . Shall feature it on my personal Linkedin in a day's time. And, welcome to the Product Startups Community.

Keep coming back when you find time.

Hello Vadim,

Welcome to Product Startups Community. It took little long for me to greet you as I was traveling. I will have a look at your product and marketing agency website.Β 

Once again, happy to see your presence in the little community I am building.

I had a look at Better UX Playbook Rob. I will email you to feature your story and experiences in UX through a video interview.Β 

Welcome to Product Startups Community Rob. I will write to you later to learn more about BetterUXplaybook.

Thanks a lot for being here.